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Executive Home Loan, Inc

Learn why our company is rated one of the Top Mortgage and Loan teams  in California.


Putting your needs first

(and saving thousands $$ in the process)

Working very closely with our clients to ensure that the type of loan we arrange for your family, will also work with your life. We combine your needs with what is currently available on the market, giving you the best possible rate and finding funding for unique income situations. Your needs will always come first so we can make your vision into reality.

Loan Types and Options

Home Loans

Home Loans

Conventional Mortgages
Fixed-Rate Mortgages
Adjustable-Rate Mortgages
Government Loans (FHA, VA)
Jumbo Loans
Second Mortgages
Equity Lines of Credit
Reverse Mortgages

Cash-out Refiance

Cash-out Refiance

Sometimes you just need money. Perhaps to pay off high interest credit cards, take a dream vacation or go back to school.  You home can be the solution. 

Upgrade Refiance

Upgrade Refiance

Upgrade your present interest rate to a lower payment or faster pay off.  All are possible.

Our Story

We are a family owned, second generation business, originally started in 1990 by Hudson Kurth.  Hudson was a retired school teacher and was also showing homes to friends and family for purchase, in the Lake Arrowhead area.  With his degrees in Business and Education, he soon received two licenses; one of real estate broker and the other of a mortgage broker.  This enabled him to help his clients have a relaxed purchase experience, by filling the entire package of presentation to purchase and close, in one seamless process. 

That focus continues with his daughter Janice, who is a real estate agent and mortgage broker in her own right.  With the addition of Janice, the business grew beyond the area of Lake Arrowhead and into the many neighborhoods of California.  Today, we are providing residential and vacation home loans through-out the United States.

With honest answers and practice of due diligence, we aim to provide the best possible loan experience to all who work with our company.  We have access to over 25 different banks and funding groups, including FHA, VA and USDA loans, filling the needs of many different types of persons.  

Allow us, to help you.